About - DisjointedImages
Who / What is Disjointed Images?

dis▪joint▪ed: · being thrown out of orderly function 

im▪age(s): · a tangible or visible representation · a vivid or graphic representation or description 

Disjointed Images (DI for short) is a creative arts company in the broadest terms - we do a LOT. We are both product based and ideas based. Most visibly known for the convention events we attend selling custom made buttons, we also create video games, web page design, photography, and anything else that sounds interesting. 

Founded in 2005 by Melanie and Chris Castle, Disjointed Images exists as a design company with a bit of loose interpretation. We make real the chaotic ideas that run through our (and your) heads. If you're looking for something a little different, and without normal rules and restrictions, that's us. 
We create for the enjoyment of being creative. DI works hard to make sure that everything produced is of the highest quality and satisfaction to our customers. We look forward to providing you services and products for many years to come.
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